About the Youth and Children’s Choirs…

The Children’s and Youth Choirs were a long time interest of William (Bill) Lange from Cherry Valley who sang with and served the Catskill Choral Society in a number of capacities. He felt that there were a number of children and youths in the area who would enjoy the experience of singing and performing in a non-school setting with others who shared their interest. The current musical director is Cynthia Donaldson.

The program serves two age groups:

  • The younger singers of the Children’s Choir learn how to work and sing in a group, learn basic music terms, and the “do, re, mi’s” of solfege and ear training.
  • The Youth Choir builds upon the basics by learning more challenging three-part singing.

Both groups work on a variety of music in other languages and perform in each of the Society’s two major concerts.

For more information, please contact us by emailing  youthchoirs@catskillchoralsociety.com